F. My ‘Animal’ Family

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PLEASE  Spay / Neuter Your Pets

and encourage your friends/family to do the same.  Please…


What will you find here?  

In the future, I plan to feature one of my animals each month. I’ll Post some photos and share a bit about them and their rescue story. Yes, all my animals are rescues. This is significant because I also write children’s stories inspired by my animal companions.  I am currently working on a four-book collection of stories for children about their adventures.  Once you get to know my past/present animal companions, I think you’ll fall in love with them, just as I have, and be eager to read their stories.  I warn you, this is ‘real life’ so not all the stories have happy endings. 

I appreciate your stopping by…  

————————————————————————When I take the time and effort to visit a writer’s web page or blog, I do so not only for the obvious, to learn of their books, but to also get an idea about who they are — What makes them tick.  This often tells me whether or not I want to pursue looking for their work, or pass on to the next one.  Let’s face it, there are more writers these days than there are stars in the sky. 

Those closest to me at this time in my walk of life are my animals.  I often joke around with friends and family about how my life is a cliché.  I have evolved into that “nice old lady who cares for the animals”. Having raised my ‘human’ babies, and turned them over to the world, I can only pray they will live a full and bountiful life, rich in blessings. My children will, naturally, always own my heart, but they both live in other states and I do not see them very often. This is a good thing!  They are independent and self-sufficient, just as I hoped they would be. What a blessing! 

My life is once again my own, so I choose to answer a call from the Lord to write my novels and children’s books and care for the little throw away animals that always seem to know where to find their next meal or a warm bed on those cold, damp nights. The Vacancy Sign is always on at Ms. Kay’s house.  -RK Barclay


If you do not return to my site, and you only take away one thing, remember this. 

Please SPAY AND NEUTER  your domestic animals.  Please! 

This alone, would save the lives of more animals than anything else we could do.

Don’t forget your local animal shelters during the holidays and all year.  The animals love gifts to…


Cat in wheelwell of car



All opinions expressed on this website and Blog are my own

And may Not reflect those of  Publishers,  Editors,  Agents  with whom I do business.

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