Let them be kids

Why do mothers want their daughters to grow up so fast? 

When I look around and see very young girls wearing makeup and clothing styles far too mature for their age group, I often ponder this question. Is it an attempt to draw attention to themselves through their children and to live vicariously through their daughters to revisit or perhaps correct their own youth? I just don’t know. The last thing my daughter was interested in at age 8 was makeup and dressing up like a rock star with questionable morals. I find it troubling.

My heart swells from memories of watching my children rush around searching for eggs and that special basket prepared just for them by the elusive Easter Bunny–Such joyful times. Many parents are now also taking away that jolly old fellow in red for the holidays. What’s that about?

I continued these innocent and wholesome little traditions all the way through graduate school with my daughter. In full disclosure, I tried to end the Easter basket practice when she entered college, and she would not hear of it. That’s how much she liked those childhood traditions and how special the experiences were for her. My daughter’s dorm mates soon joined the fun and it became a bit expensive for this single mother to be an Easter bunny, but…kids of all ages deserve a taste of childhood magic now and then.  🙂

Mothers set the stage for what their daughters will value and in many ways they map out how their daughters feel about themselves and others. We must make sure they are ready and have the right level of emotional maturity before they are forced to handle situations that should be reserved for adulthood. We must first let them be kids!

From a mother who lived through those beautiful years with a daughter who has done nothing but make her proud, my advice is…Please don’t rob your daughters (and sons) of those innocent years. Join in…Celebrate with them! They spend long enough in the adult world dealing with adult issues. Let them be kids as long as they can.